Tree Service Richland WA

To keep your property in top shape, you need to allow the professionals at Lawn Boys, Inc. to do the job right. This is our specialty, and while we do a quality job with all of our services and programs, this particular option of tree service in Richland, WA is the one that we can offer the most with for our customers. We offer:
     • Pruning
     • Diagnosing health problems
     • Tree injections
     • Insecticides and fungicides
     • Dormant oils 

We offer tree pruning services up to 15 feet tall and will carefully shape your trees and shrubs to look the way they are supposed to for both health and aesthetics.

Diagnosing Health Problems
Due to the agronomist that we have on staff, we are qualified to diagnose whatever health problem your tree or shrub may be having, and then we will be able to put a treatment plan in place to help you heal your property. In these cases, the sooner we can find the problem, the better, as it will give us more time to find a solution so that we can save your tree or shrub.

Tree Injections
In ashes, dogwoods and birches, you have to worry about bores as well as sap sucking insects that will creep in without you realizing it. With our tree injection program, we will come in and give your ornamental trees and shrubs the injections that they need so that they stay free from pests. Tree and shrub care is critical for health and aesthetic reasons.

Insecticides and Fungicides
To help you deal with pest control, we will spray insecticides and fungicides on all of your trees and shrubs at the right times of year. We are licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture for all of our chemical spraying. We use the highest quality chemicals in the lowest dosages possible while still maintaining the quality control that we offer. This helps us provide quality yard service for each customer.

Dormant Oils
An important part in your tree service in Richland, WA is making sure that you winterize all of your ornamental properly. A large part of this is dormant oils, which are carefully injected into your trees and shrubs to guarantee that you are taking care of your property as you should so that come springtime, you have a flourishing sight.

We feature a well-educated staff in to provide each customer and client with professional services with your trees and shrubs, from tree pruning to diagnosing health problems. All of our employees go through extensive training, including additional classes at Washington State University. We believe in constantly upgrading our skills so that we can best serve all of the customers who are looking for quality tree and shrub care for their properties year-round.