Sharon Libby 
Whenever I have a problem, Lawn Boys, Inc. is right there ready and willing to help.
Deirdre Jones 
I had a leak on my sprinkler shut off valve, I was quoted an estimate and a worker came out the next day, Dale called me right after the repair and explained what the cause was and fortunately it was even less money then I thought it was going to be. I'm very happy with the service and price, I highly recommend it to anyone!
Nate Weaver 
Have had them replace multiple sprinklers when I’ve been unavailable to do so at home. Colby always calls and thoroughly explains the work he performs. Dale is fair we had a slight disagreement on most recent invoice and he made it right. Appreciate your commitment to your customers.
coleen souther 
Wow! They are amazing! When I moved here my lawn was full of weeds of every scary kind - my grass was sad to say the least, NOW I have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood! They are GREAT! Their prices are great too!!!!