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Located within the Benton County, West Richland, WA is a city with approximately 11,000 people who call it home. Despite its small size, this is a busy commercially-based community that features many beautiful homes and properties that give it the reputation it has amongst both residents and tourists. 

It features picturesque lawns and properties that Lawn Boys, Inc. help make a reality for a lot of people out there who are looking for a way to jump start their properties in a way that will add health and beauty to their neighborhood. Yard service and yard clean up at big services in this area, especially at the beginning of the green season, when residents are looking to start the spring off on the right foot. 

Lawn Boys, Inc. has been servicing West Richland, WA for the last 10 years, and we are proud of the community that we've built, both in loyal customers who keep coming back to us for their lawn care needs, as well as the properties that we've been able to help better themselves over time with our support and expertise.

Getting its name from the large populated Richland, West Richland, WA is a city center that is popular for the fact that the fastest product car in the world, the Aero SSC TT was tested here, and clocked in at over 250 mph. West Richland, WA is also noted for the fact that both Ryan Kennelly, a world record bench press holder, and Rachel Willis-Sørensen, a popular Opera singer, call West Richland, WA home for part of their early stages in life.

In order to take care of their properties and to give them the green look that comes from health and maintenance, Lawn Boys, Inc. will come in and issue sprinkler system repair when needed. The climate in this city is dry, almost to the point of being considered desert climates, so ensuring that residential and commercial clients have the best top of the line irrigation system is something we take very seriously when putting together a plan for the season.

A smaller population means that Lawn Boys, Inc. get to enjoy being part of this vibrant and energetic community, making West Richland, WA one of the best places to be looking at if you're looking to have a metropolitan area that still features a strong personal connection, both in terms of neighborhoods and quality services.