Lawn Care Richland WA

Lawn Boys, Inc. lawn care in Richland, WA fully-inclusive program ensures that you are getting the best yard service available to you and your property. Our programs all feature a guarantee for 1 season where we will come back free of charge if a supplementary application of our products is needed. We offer everything from weed control to winterization services so that we can help you take care of your property year long. Our main areas are:
     • fertilization
     • weed control in turf and flower beds and bare ground application
     • yard clean ups
     • aeration

The first step to a healthy lawn is to make sure that you give it the nutrients that it needs. Lawn Boys, Inc. offers slow-release fertilization in 5 separate applications to make sure that your turf has what it needs to stay a healthy, thick and green without over-running your property.

Weed Control in turf and flower beds and bare ground application
We offer weed control of the most common weeds here in Richland, WA including dandelions. We also will offer weed control in specialized solutions for both Bermuda grass and bent grass. When we spray for crab-grass, we do this in the first 2 applications, unlike many companies who do it only once a season. Two applications gives your lawn a much better line of defense against this weed. 

We also will do a soil test to make sure that your soil is balanced. If not, we optimize it to ensure that it is doing all of its best work for your property. 

We offer a spray for your flower beds twice a year so that they still stay free from weeds – meaning less work for you – and give you a healthy flower bed that is free to thrive throughout the season.

For those non-turf areas such as gravel driveways, we offer a one-time application of weed control that will keep these areas free from weeds. This has a season-long guarantee for your satisfaction.

Yard Clean-ups
Part of the yard service that we offer is the spring and fall clean-up of your lawn debris, but we also offer professional services in which we will come onto your property and clean up the landscaping that you have in your yard. We'll make sure that all parts of your property and lawn are healthy and thriving throughout the season. Lawn care is about keeping what you've got in good health just as much as it is about putting in new greenery.

Lawn Boys, Inc. recommends core aeration once to twice a year so that you can help with water percolation and help reduce the likelihood of thatch on your property.

When you are looking at lawn care in Richland, WA, you'll find a lot of options, but Lawn Boys, Inc. is the best available because we have the high quality that you're looking for, the professional skills to make the difference and a season-long guarantee. We also provide wellness checks, where we will go onto your property and make sure that everything is working the way that it should be. This gives you the satisfaction and comfort that you need. You may be thinking “there are a lot options in lawn service near me”, but none of them will give you the satisfaction of the quality job that Lawn Boys, Inc. can!