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Full of sunshine and all about embracing the gorgeous outdoor life, Pasco, WA is the place to be if you're looking to raise a family in an old fashioned way. This is a large city that is part of the Tri-Cities and has been well known for the fact that is all about family living and providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for those who love the traditional ways of life.

All about providing residential neighborhoods that are great for the established family, or one that is just beginning, Pasco, WA is home to many satisfied homeowners. Working hand in hand with the homeowners who are creating a safe place for the next generation, Lawn Boys, Inc. services properties from the beginning of their lives and onward. We are thrilled to be working so closely with properties that are developing just as the families are. We strive to create the perfect green oasis for each family's home, and this allows us to be a major part of this community.

Earning a lot of its income through global transportation services, Pasco, WA is perfectly in between being a corporate town where business is done, and a welcoming environment where families can find a place for children to have sheltered childhoods. In fact, Pasco, WA has one of the lowest crime rates in the US, and has won a series of awards in being a good place to live, all which come back to the idea that it looks and feels like a great place to work and live, which is difficult to find in our modern day.

Big in this city is the Fiery Foods Festival, a well-attended even by residents and tourists. A lot of the food links to the Hispanic roots of the city, and it is a celebration of culture and food that all enjoy each September.

Majority of the residents in Pasco, WA spend a lot of time outdoors, so there are all sorts of outdoor activities and venues to cater exclusively to this healthy lifestyle. One of the biggest highlights of the city is the 15 miles of pathways that are all along the Columbia River, creating the perfect spot for runners, bikers and pedestrians.

With beauty in the yards built in part by us at Lawn Boys, Inc., and in the pathways and riverside of the Columbia River, Pasco, WA is a beautiful place to be for those that want a safe space that is equally nestled between residential life and an up and coming commercial sector.