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Situated on the bank of Columbia River, Kennewick, WA is a beautiful city that is home to many diverse people and properties. Coming a long way since its beginnings as a settlement community back in the 1800's, Kennewick, WA is one of the three cities that make up the Tri-Cities name. It is the most populated city in the triad of metropolitan areas. 

Kennewick, WA has gone through a lot of population growth in the past five years, making it the perfect up and coming place for Lawn Boys, Inc. to establish ourselves. Residential home owners want to make sure that their homes match the natural beauty that is a core concept of this busy city, so we are very proud to come in with our professional services and help each reflect the modern look and feel of this bustling city.

Staying true to its roots with a historical downtown section, Kennewick, WA is proud of the number of historical buildings that they have, each one showing its beauty from a simpler time, while also adjusting themselves to suit modern needs. Each building is home to modern businesses that use these rich buildings as their homes.

As a city that has something for everyone, Lawn Boys, Inc. has been established in Kennewick, WA for 15 years, offering our services for commercial residential properties. As new people filter in to find a home here, we proudly help them get the look and feel the place with lawn care and tree and shrub care that will make them feel right at home.

Residents can take pleasure in two of the main attractions that Kennewick, WA has to offer; the World Trade Center Memorial Monument which located in Southridge, allows for residents and tourists to pay their respects to those who lost their lives on 9/11; and Clover Island, a bright sunny spot where you can take a look at one of the most recent lighthouses and all of the beautiful landscape that is waiting for you.

Kennewick, WA is home to its fair share of famous people, including Adelle August, an actress in her day, and Janet Krupin a household name actress, singer, writer, and producer. Both names are popular for their distinct roles on screen and in the film environment.

The most recent claim to fame for Kennewick, WA was the discovery of a 200 year old skeleton, found in 1996. Most recently, in 2014, a book was published about this discovery, and it was believed that this skeleton was an ancestor of the Native Americans to this area. It seems fitting, seeing as the name “Kennewick” was given to the city due to its meaning of “grassy lands” in the native tongue.

From its grassy hills to its bustling metropolitan center, Kennewick, WA is a great place for Lawn Boys, Inc. to work.